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My wife is 53 with a bicuspid valve, and her ascending aorta was first found in 2006 to be dilated to 4.8 cm per CT scan and echo ultrasound.

Find out which treatments are effective and about any new interventions or important studies. Approach your primary care physician first for assistance."As we have anticipated, Zika is now here." Frieden praised state officials for responding rapidly with aggressive mosquito-control measures and a community-wide search for additional Zika cases.Because the virus can have devastating consequences for a fetus, the CDC recommends that pregnant women or women thinking about becoming pregnant postpone travel to Zika-affected regions.Scott said transmission was confined to a small neighborhood just north of downtown Miami and involved one woman and three men.“We learned today that four people in our state likely have the Zika virus as a result of a mosquito bite," he said during a news conference.On select nights from November 25, 2016, through January 1, 2017, holiday revelers joined us for the brilliance of this fun, free, family-oriented holiday celebration, featuring luminous displays and holiday-season activities throughout zoo grounds.Festive activities included: Thank you for joining us at Zoo Lights this year!However at the beginning of this year, she increased her dose of Cozaar from 50mg/day to 100mg/day, and this past February (after one month on the increased dosage), her echo ultrasound of ascending aorta showed that the measurement had decreased to 4.7 cm from 5.0.What is her index now, and does she still need to have surgery right away or can we wait?Identification of adult Aspergers is often more difficult than recognizing signs of the disorder in a child.This is because adults with the disorder have spent many years developing coping skills and finding ways to minimize the impact of their social deficits on their personal and professional lives.