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Krauss, known for her beautiful voice and bluegrass-country sounds, is undergoing proper treatment for her recent diagnosis, and unfortunately, that treatment includes vocal rest. She was slated to perform as part of an “epic collaboration” set alongside Del Mc Coury, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas and Mark Schatz.

Dysphonia is a chronic condition which causes an inability to sing. Unfortunately, when your job requires constant singing, sometimes these things happen.

Plant took the next few years off, then answered the call for Zeppelin material with 1988's Now & Zen, which featured samples from his old group (plus selections from its vault on the subsequent tour).Superstar Miranda Lambert also canceled concerts last summer in order to restore her voice, due to a doctor-ordered vocal rest.Best wishes to Krauss for a speedy recovery — hopefully her voice will be sounding good as new in no time! Of course, when she mentioned it, I promptly said, "I love bluegrass!" although the only thing I knew was thatit involved banjos and fiddles and pickin’ and grinnin’.“Black Dog” (original here) begins with Jimmy Page’s unmistakable intro riff picked out on a banjo while Plant goofs around and attempts a two-step.It feels like we’re in for a novelty act, but when the two start singing harmonies, the strength of their musical bond is immediately apparent, even in what some might consider a butchering of an iconic tune.Starting his solo career in 1982 with his Zeppelin-like Pictures at Eleven album, Plant would use a slew of great drummers over the next few years, including Phil Collins, Cozy Powell, Barriemore Barlow, and Richie Hayward.Collins appeared on the 1983 follow-up, The Principle of Moments, and Plant achieved a lighter touch somewhere between Genesis and Zeppelin's quieter side with tracks like "In the Mood" and "Big Log." But the singer would feed his Elvis Presley infatuation on 1984's The Honeydrippers, Vol.In 1968, a naïve young singer from the Black Country hills in England named Robert Plant was discovered wailing the blues by veteran session guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones.When Plant recommended his friend John Bonham as the drummer, one of the most successful bands in rock history was born: Led Zeppelin.