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I also would like to start dating again at some point in my life. Both areas are dealing with explosive growth in the school systems and will need anyone who has the credentials.Ladies, I've heard alot of good things about southern men in these areas. What is the average monthly rent and prices of homes in Charlotte and Raliegh. A new high school just opened in Charlotte, as well as an elementary school.We don't mass-produce our Chevy crate engines but custom build them one at a time with your application in mind.Our secret to the power, quality, and reliability in our Chevy high performance motors is using the best combination of parts in every Chevy engine we build with complete control of every phase of construction.

I live in Illinois, and I am looking for a change in enviroment.

I am looking into the school districts in Charlotte and Raliegh.

I love to travel and know that raliegh is near virgina, washington dc, south carolina, and florida. I'm not a lady, but my opinion counts Considering that you have a counseling degree, you shouldn't have a problem finding a job in either area.

Our professional staff of engine builders takes pride and stakes their reputation on every Chevy high performance engine we build.

When you purchase an American Speed built Chevy stroker engine, you're buying over 35 years of experience in building not only just Chevrolet engines, but also a vast experience in building every street rod engine and American muscle car engine ever produced by Chevrolet.