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“Hughes was the brigade commander and didn’t command; Antill wasn’t the brigade commander and he did.

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The climax to Peter Weir’s wonderful Oscar-winning film Gallipoli – when a British officer sends successive waves of raw Australians to their deaths in a futile attempt to take a Turkish trench system – is typical of the way the whole campaign, which began one 100 years ago today, has been rewritten to suit Antipodean sensibilities. Dismounted troops of the Australian light horse had been ordered to capture a Turkish position known as the Nek, just 150 yards away.

History has rightly condemned the action at the Nek as tragic and unnecessary.

For many Australians it is seen as a vital moment in their struggle for national identity: a tale of heroic young colonials sent needlessly to their deaths by incompetent and vindictive British officers who were hoping to distract the Turks from the landings at nearby Suvla.

Molecular and enzymatic groupings of fungi from tropical orchids of Western Australia and their patterns of tissue colonisation.

Occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhiza in Castanospermum australe A. & Fraser and effects on growth and production of castanospermine.