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However, because the Act does not expressly prohibit sexual harassment, the courts apply the analysis used by federal courts for harassment claims brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII).

We want you to be informed because being a “minor” affects your right to information and services. Keep in mind that these laws may be different for you if you are legally considered an emancipated minor, pregnant minor, minor living apart or married minor. 16 In the eyes of the law, teenagers of certain ages cannot consent or agree to sex until they reach a specific age. Pharmacist Provision of Emergency Contraception to Women Without a Doctor’s Prescription.

This is called the “age of consent.” These laws are meant to protect minors from being manipulated or forced into sex with older people.

We recognize that going to a professional for sex therapy can be very intimidating, so we want to ease some of that burden by spelling out for you exactly what you should expect from sex therapy.

First of all, you can expect to talk candidly about sex.

All minors are allowed to get a prescription for birth control without a parent’s permission. If you go to a Title X clinic, your appointment will be completely confidential, including your billing and your records. Title X clinics provide sexual and reproductive health care to the public (girls, boys, teens and adults). In her lawsuit, the employee claimed a coworker harassed her and her employer failed to take prompt, remedial action to end the harassment. Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know Power Point® Kit This new kit is your ready-to-use powerful training session designed to stamp out sexual harassment in your workplace.The combination of Employee Booklets and 30-slide Power Point® session gives you everything you need to make sure your employees understand what is acceptable and what is not! A List of Legal Requirements Make sure you have the information you need to know to keep your records in order.Have open conversations with your children about the kinds of websites they are allowed to visit.Once you establish guidelines you then need to check to make sure that they stay within these agreed limits.Your therapist is trained to remain very professional and help you talk openly about your sexuality.Your therapist might suggest books or other materials that will help you acquire knowledge about the issues and challenges you are facing in your sex life.The issues and problems cannot be addressed if you talk in coded or vague language.We realize this might be an awkward topic to talk about, perhaps even with your spouse/partner.