Backdating tax credits

(5) Tax Credit claim form notes accompanying claim form - 'You will need to ask for backdating if: You’re only claiming Working Tax Credit ( you’re not claiming for any children Or You’ve been getting Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance.' (6) HMRC on the telephone and via written correspondence - Backdating does not apply to people claiming only Working Tax Credit (not claiming for children).

Senior members of HMRC tax credits team have told me in writing that 'Working Tax Credit can only be paid from the date the claim form is received in an appropriate office', therefore denying the legal existence of the effective date of claim, and refusing backdating for people claiming WTC.

Hi all just wondering if any of you have had to call child tax credits in regards to backdating the disability element and how long it takes?

They owe me a fair amount but didn't indicate the timescale just said it would be sent off.

And, Entitlement ceased in the 31 days before the date the claim was received in an appropriate office because: The claimant started a new job, started self-employment, or increased their hours to 16 or more a week.

However, you can be paid for an earlier period in certain circumstances. The Government is gradually introducing universal credit, a new benefit which will eventually replace tax credits, and some other social security benefits.Universal credit is being introduced geographically and in areas where the full (digital) service is available, it may no longer be possible to make a new claim for tax credits.Existing tax credit claimants are expected to be moved across to universal credit between 20.HMRC has revealed 120 cases since last October where Concentrix did not “meet performance criteria set out in its contract, but the actual number may be significantly higher.The Facebook campaign group Concentrix Mums, which has 7,300 members, says hundreds more people have been affected.Thousands of people who wrongly had tax credits stopped may be able to claim back-dated payments.Concentrix, which which was supposed to save the government £1 billion by cutting tax credit fraud and overpayment, had its contract terminated on Tuesday after a series of blunders which have left thousands without access to vital cash were uncovered by the BBC.If the claimant is returning to work after leaving benefits and claiming WTC, then it is likely that you will receive automatic backdating.' (3) GOV.UK How to claim tax credits - last updated 13/03/15 'You have to ask for tax credits to be backdated if you get: Income support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit.' There is no automatic backdating. UK Working Tax Credit - last updated 09/02/15 No mention at all of backdating, automatic or requested.Condition C - You get disability living allowance (DLA), attendance allowance (or an Industrial Injuries or War Pensions scheme equivalent), personal independence payment or armed forces independence payment.You can only get the disabled worker element while you are entitled to one of these benefits.