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There are not player parts above the keys in this brand player piano. Matching bookmatch walnut antique "School Bench" with storage.

Player action is installed wholly under the keybed.

Since the early 1900s Wurlitzer became one of the major names in the music business that included the sale of orchestrions, player pianos, organs and jukeboxes.

By the 1900s Wurlitzer had factories in De Kalb, Illinois (grand pianos) and North Tonawanda, NY (upright pianos).

From about 1900-1916, the Arts & Crafts Movement was a major force in American design.

Although the Arts & Crafts design was very popular during the early 20th century, piano makers were slow to adapt to the Mission/Arts & Crafts design.

The last decade of the 19 century saw some of the finest craftsmanship and quality ever to be put into piano manufacturing.Most of our vintage ephemera collection doesn't show upright pianos until the 1870s, although upright pianos were built on a limited scale all through the early and middle 19 century approached, makers began shifting their production from the square grand piano to the upright piano, as the public's tastes were beginning to change and homes were becoming smaller and less suited for large square grand pianos.In the 1880s and 1890s, upright piano production increased substantially and by the last decade of the 19 century, the square grand piano that had dominated the market for the past century had all but vanished.After the turn-of-the-century, tastes began to change and piano design began to become a bit more streamlined.The ostentatious styles of the late 19 century saw a calmer, less radical movement in interior design than the previous decades, and this change was immediately seen in the evolving styles offer by the major piano manufacturers.1912 Strohber Upright Piano s/n 26620, Walnut, (Made by Smith Barnes? Ivories look new again.______________________________________________________________________________________________________1914 Ivers and Pond Player Piano sn 56084 (Quality Boston Made Piano)55"tall, Mahogany Finish, Nice Matching Bench, Gorgeous Ivory Keys. Exterior of piano was professionally refinshed in Boise late 2004 with brown mahogany finish.)57 7/8" Tall, 63" Long, 27" Deep, Brass Pedals, Major Veneer Issues on Ends______________________________________________1902 Sweetland Upright Piano s/n 22439, (Made by Cable Nelson? The player piano action was completely rebuilt in January 2005.This player does not operate but all parts are there. This is the largest upright piano that Yamaha makes and is the closest to a grand piano sound as possible in an upright piano because of its long strings and large soundboard. Almost all old upright pianos like this one were made before 1930. All the standard digital piano voices and pipe organ plus a ton of misc voices like laughing, thunder, and dog barking, 2 recording tracks, 3 pedals, transpose, metronome, midi connections, and a hard sliding key cover. This piano was refinished, probably in the 70s or 80s.The spool box housing has very worn or missing parts.__________________________________________________1973 Yamaha U3 sn H1666782. The center pedal is practice mute._____________________________________________Technics PR60 Digital Piano with Matching Technics Bench Weighted Keys, Recording Track, Lots of Voices, Rythm Selection Super Easy Transpose Slide Control, Easy Replay Speed Slide Control Soft and Sustain Pedal, Silent Play with Headphones.______________________________________________________c. Weighted Keys.______________________________________________Mirra Piano - This piano received mirror nick nack shelf in the 1940s. Mirra was an actual company that converted pianos to have mirrors. The mirrors weren't put on them until the 1940s.________________________________________________________________ Valdesta Digital Piano, Very dark walnut finish, Bench with storage. Perfect Ivories, Action is in amazing condition, Very high quality brand name. Chips in ivory keys were repaired by Pianos N Things Music. original picture of pre refinished piano Newly refinished Lester piano with new keytops, pedals, and casters delivered 4/16/11Bench is matching bookmatch walnut_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________1926 Gulbransen Suburban 53 inch Player Piano, s/n 258594, Walnut The later model striker pneumatics are screwed to stack like a simplex unit. New felt punchings under keys and key rest felt, 0 CASH stamped on the back of piano.He then attended West Point Military Academy and ultimately graduated with a B. in Biology from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.He went on to obtain a Masters Degree in engineering from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities while working as an engineer at 3M corporation. He enjoyed jogging, biking, kayaking, motocross, hiking, snowboarding and traveling.