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Her father Peter Hall was a stage director and her mother Maria Ewing was an opera singer.What more would she want to be made known about the entertainment industry?It seems to me that a 50ish woman is somewhere in no-man's land for a future relationship.I may be generalizing but do you see the same thing?But, Holofcener says, “she introduced me to you while you were on the Stair Master.”This story first appeared in the October 01, 2013 issue of Variety. In the pair’s latest endeavor “Enough Said,” Keener plays a divorced poet who despises her ex-husband. I always had good friends, but I did not feel like a cool girl, ever. I would have never have thought you didn’t feel that way, except the characters you write. NH: I think growing up under the shadow of a pretty sister will do a lot to a person. NH: There are plenty of good actors out there who would have done a good job. RS: But there are male directors who work with the same actors often, like Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio or Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. NH: That’s because there are only six of us out there. CK: I think you would have to make your own movies to do that. I think because of Nicole, because of her unique position, I think that’s probably why. It’s fairly common for a male director and actor to collaborate on multiple projects, but Holofcener and Keener’s relationship is unprecedented for women in film. I would just twist my hair up and let it dry that way. Did you perceive yourself as not fitting in when you were growing up? I guess I offered to a couple of them, they passed. Catherine is perfect for the part.” I can’t imagine anybody else in that part.

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She was born in a family that groomed and encouraged her interest toward acting.

As I also approach 50, I agree with her no-man's land comment in many ways. I have had some issues while shopping for clothes in recent years, because all the clothing out there either seems too young or too old for me. Jackie Pilossoph is the author of her blog, Divorced Girl Smiling, and the comedic divorce novels, Divorced Girl Smiling and . Earlier on Huff/Post50: Sometimes it feels like the foundation of your social life is so strong that you no longer find the opportunity to meet new and exciting people.

I feel like some young people treat me older, which seems odd. Also, I think as people get older, the age range for dating widens. She also writes feature stories, along with the weekly dating and relationships column, "Love Essentially" for Chicago Tribune Media Group local publications. Throw a barbecue or party in which guests bring a friend that no one in the group knows.

If in your 40s, it seems OK to me to date guys in their 30s, 40s or 50s. Guys in their 30s are definitely out, guys in their 40s might work, but they might want women in their 30s or 40s, guys in their 50s definitely want girls in their 30s or 40s, and guys in their 60s just seem too old. Being recently single again and new at this, I'm going to go for just being my gosh darn self, and if someone wants to date me, great, and if they think I'm too old, then so be it. The thing that bothered me most about this email was this part: She writes: "found happiness/marriage etc.

Nicole Holofcener first met her muse Catherine Keener – who has starred in every film Holofcener has directed – at the gym. I’m just talking about how you say the things you say.