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Cargair released a statement Friday afternoon that said it was co-operating with investigators from the TSB.

Michael Keating asks if the United Kingdom votes to withdraw from the European Union on 23 June, what would the outcome of Brexit actually mean?

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A 21-year-old man is dead and a 23-year-old man critically injured after two small Cessna 152 planes collided in mid-air over Saint-Bruno on Montreal's South Shore.Posted orginially in the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce Business Bulletin.If the United Kingdom votes to withdraw from the European Union on 23 June, it will have two years to complete the process.What is not clear is what these negotiations would entail and what the outcome of Brexit would actually mean.There are two broad alternatives: an arrangement with the EU to retain access to the single market on much the present terms; or a strategy of ‘go it alone’ in world markets, without any privileged relation with the EU.Weather conditions were clear and the cause of the crash is under investigation."Right now we have investigators at the scene who are trying to verify all hypotheses," Colagiacomo said.In this case the graphs may be "spotty", or partially complete, but have gaps where no data is present.To correct this situation, you will probably want to tune the system.One respondant suggested changing setting 'max memory allowed for a script to run' (or whatever it's really called) from 8M to 50M. If the system is overloaded, there will be other issues, such as high latency in the User Interface, in the Nagios system, disk full messages, in the system console, etc.