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There were 24 housemates in total in the eighth series of Big Brother in the UK where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day and each week, one or more housemates were voted to be evicted by the general public until the winner, Brian Belo, was left.

All of the housemates that entered on the first day were female - a worldwide first for any Big Brother series; then on the third day, a male housemate - Ziggy - entered the house.

Key quote - Dowling to host Davina Mc Call: "I am Irish, Catholic, gay and I am chuffed that people in Ireland have backed me." Romance: Dental nurse Jade Goody, then 21, indulged in a brief - but widely reported - liaison with PJ Ellis, who refused to acknowledge her afterwards.

Romance blossomed for personal trainer Lee Davey and recruitment worker Sophie Pritchard after they left the house and they subsequently got married.

The trouble initially flared over a conversation Jemima had with Michael over her taste in men, in which she admitted: ‘I go for darker looking, not black, but darker features, Mediterranean.’ She added: ‘I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy, I like darker guys but not black guys.

I’ve gone out with Indian guys but I wouldn’t really go for Chinese.

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The dating website founder was taken to task by Big Brother after an argument with fellow housemate Gina Rio in which she accused the 41-year-old of being racist.Winner: Fun-loving Irish air steward Brian Dowling, then 23 - who beat Adams in a live final - impressed viewers with his caustic witticisms. Went on to present a number of shows including Saturday morning children's TV show SMTV Live on ITV.Dowling, now 30, was last seen playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Dublin's Tivoli Theatre last winter.Chanelle – big favourite with the lads’ mags You either love it or hate it.But whatever happens, there will be a host of new TV celebrities born in the next series of Big Brother.A sixth housemate was supposed to enter on the same day, yet after a pre-entrance pep talk with producers, he decided against it.Despite being the bookies' favourite to win, Amanda and Sam came second and left the house on Day 94 with an overall winning voting percentage of 39.7%.He also lied to housemates by claiming he had lost a wife in a car crash.Winner: The success of Liverpudlian builder Craig Phillips, then 28, was largely assured when he took Bateman to task over his manipulative scheming. Phillips, now 37, has carved out a career as a TV DIY expert on shows including, most recently, ITV1's 60 Minute Makeover.Following an offer by Big Brother, the twins chose to become a single housemate on Day 69, meaning that the twins nominate together, participate in tasks together and face the public vote together.Amanda shared a kiss with Brian in the early hours of Day 70.