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I wanted to choose a site which I felt reflected my lifestyle and passions, so found Countrysidefriends as my first love is horses and any man would have to understand that!All my worries and fears of joining a website have changed into admiration for what a great service you offer. For loved-up singles all over the country not much has changed through the years.According to, around 37 million dates take place each year, adding a whopping £3.4bn to the economy.

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Robert I am so pleased to say that I have met someone very special on your website, her name is Anna and she is the best thing that has happened to me for a very long time.‘So cool that Christoffer Carlsson is suddenly writing young adult.A thrilling whodunit set in the isolated countryside. Hope to read more about Vega, the paper-friend I have come to like so much.’ Vega Gillberg is 16 years old when the police come knocking on the door looking for her older brother, Jakob. In the rural Swedish community where the Gillbergs live, life is tough, the people are even tougher, and old feuds never die.It is the first in a series starring a young police officer called Leo Junker, and will shortly be developed into a three-season TV drama by Stella Nova Film.If the information contained on this site has not answered your enquiry or complaint then you can complete the form below to register your concern. But for the country’s singles things are different. Instead of sitting at home nursing a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates (that they bought for themselves), with only the TV as company, the singles are fighting back – online. Tonight many couples will be looking forward to a candle-light dinner, heart-splattered cards will be exchanged and the florists will run out of bouquets.This won’t be seen on all horses in your area and it may be easier to spot on some horses than others.Clipping for the winter […] Owning a horse is a very large expense that is made even more challenging if the horse will have to be stabled and boarded privately.There was an immediate click between us and the spark's have been flying ever since. I am a very lucky young man to have found Sarah and she says same about me.Thank you once again you have made me so happy it is a dream come true. I have so much love and respect in my heart for her and she is same to me.