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Asian Horned frogs account for approximately half of the ancient family of frogs called Megophryidae.

This group was previously estimated to have originated 100-126 million years ago (mya).

Frogs of this family hopped alongside the famed Velociraptors and other dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period (145-66 mya).

Despite the fact that these animals have been around for a long time, little is known about their evolutionary history.

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Furthermore, unlike their dinosaur contemporaries, these frogs did not leave behind any known fossils.

Methods using information from DNA sequences exist for estimating the age of origin for such groups of animals but these methods rely heavily on fossils of related animal groups, which could prove unreliable for these species.

, by a team of scientists from Ireland and India resolved a 195-year old confusion regarding relationships between the species of Asian Horned Frogs, an enigmatic group of frogs often with horn-like projections over their eyes.

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