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On the other hand, Belgian culture is more formal than Canadian culture.

An extensive use of the words "thank you" and "sorry" is recommended.

Human bones from a newborn, a child and four adults or teenagers who lived around 40,000 years ago show clear signs of cutting and of fractures to extract the marrow within, they say.

"It is irrefutable, cannibalism was practised here," says Belgian archaeologist Christian Casseyas as he looks inside a cave halfway up a valley in this site in the Ardennes forest.

You’ll discover that when you meet Belgium singles, they enjoy many of the same activities as you.If the woman woke up earlier, he did not hesitate to knock her out. He was usually long gone [by the time victims had woken up], but not without stealing cash, bank cards, smartphones, etc.,” said .The Belgian newspaper also reported the Moroccan, whose real day job was as a delivery man, got married in 2014 but noted his wife had no idea of her husband’s criminal activities.As the count of known victims of the Moroccan rose from 19 to 22, police disclosed the man known to the press as Fouad K.had contact with 230 women in 11 months based on his mobile phone records.The caves at Goyet have been occupied since the Paleolithic era.The 250-metre- (820-feet-) long galleries were dug into the limestone by the Samson, a small stream that still flows a few metres below.The bones in Goyet date from when Neanderthals were nearing the end of their time on earth before being replaced by Homo sapiens, with whom they also interbred.Once regarded as primitive cavemen driven to extinction by smarter modern humans, studies have found that Neanderthals were actually sophisticated beings who took care of the bodies of the deceased and held burial rituals.An effort to speak the language (either Dutch or French) is always welcome.When meeting someone for the first time, the topic "where are you from? Work can be discussed as well, as long as there is not a huge gap between the levels of the two parties (boastfulness is not well perceived).