Dating a girl with a lazy eye

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Not that i am really that shallow or mean - but i would have a hard time cause i would laugh all the time thinking of 'Columbo' - u know when he always says "Umm Mam (or Sir) - just one more thing..." I always insert "Where am I looking?

It goes outward, and almost never works with the other -- even with glasses and contacts.

Due to how severe it is, surgery would not do much good.

I am not sure if anyone else on here can share their experience as of how it was for you when you had yours done to correct your lazy eye. I wish i didn't have that lazy eye and i believe i would be the most fun outgoing person ever.

Did you have health insurance and did they cover for it or was it something out of pocket? I am a very nice girl otherwise i finished college and i try to overcome my lazy eye but i just don't see how anyone would be interested in dating a girl who has an eye that looks the other side. It was very hard in college when i had to give presentations and my eyes don't align. Just be really forward and talk about it straight away with the guy. Sorry offensive is tge wrong word, just i mean get it out in the open straight away.

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honestly it did bother me a bit, i used to always say that it was a good thing that i didn't notice it until I was already in love with him ....Too much eye contact can be intimidating or creepy. She told me that whenever she talked to me, my right eye was usually wandering about.Not enough eye contact makes you feel like the person doesn’t care about you. This explained why many of the kids I’d tried to befriend in kindergarden avoided eye contact.Besides, surgery is not something I can afford at the current time. I feel like it really hinders my social life, especially in the dating sense.After all, eye contact is so important, and I can't really make it.That can make it feel like they’re not really making eye contact and don’t want to pay attention.Keep in mind that both their eyes are in fact looking at you. Mild changes can take place – as a kid, I sometimes saw a doubled image because both my eyes were focusing differently.When you first notice a person’s lazy eye, it can be pretty distracting.What throws you off is that it looks like one of their eyes is looking at you, and one of them is looking somewhere else.I find it very hard to find anyone to interact with at this point now since my eye has gotten really bad.And when i say bad i mean like really BAD it goes all the way out.