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Other companies like the ones shown in the ads below began making their own reproductions. Here's more: Round Bottom Bottles Digger I hope you can help me. The melted glob you refer to is called an applied seal.

My maternal grandfather and uncle got into bottles in about 1965 or ‘66 when I was in high school, and we started digging.

Probably a soda but possibly a Citrate of Magnesia. It is a trapey's bottle that is a series of "globes" (4, counting the top and bottom) with short "necks" in between. I don't recall seeing any bottles like this, but I haven't really paid any attention. I suspect your bottle to be from the 1930s but can only guess without knowing the type of closure on the bottle. The bottle has Federal Law Forbids Sale or reuse of this bottle.

The label lacks the words SMOOTH AS SILK and the new bottles say they have used this saying for over 50 yrs.

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My observation from Ebay sales is that the automobile figural are popular.