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Soon after this, Wakaba drowns while saving a younger girl at an overnight swimming camp.

documents the 2016 presidential campaign in real time, featuring commentary from Bloomberg Politics managing editors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann and campaign strategist Mark Mc Kinnon.

The host reads a phrase or a joke with a missing piece, and contestants try to guess what the celebrity panelists will put in the “blank.” For example: “The big bad wolf said, ‘I just came from a house where this old lady had the biggest blanks I ever saw.’” At least half the time, there’s an invitation to answer with something raunchy, with variants of “boobs” (“buzzums” is a match, “pillows” and “berries” are not) and other body parts showing up frequently on the celebrities’ handwritten answer cards.

The series is about the high school baseball players Ko Kitamura and Aoba Tsukishima and their attempts to fulfill the dream of Aoba's dead sister, Wakaba, of seeing them play in the national high school championship tournament in Koshien Stadium.

Originally, the series was ordered for just 10 episodes. NEW YORK – March 18, 2016 – While Marco Rubio’s hopes were dashed after a campaign-ending loss in his home state of Florida, five presidential hopefuls are left in the turbulent 2016 race to the White House, on THE CIRCUS: INSIDE THE GREATEST POLITICAL SHOW ON EARTH, airing Sunday, March 20 at 8 p.m. Donald Trump, storming ahead with a daunting delegate count, is continuing to play by his own rules and needle the Republican establishment.

John Kasich, having secured a crucial victory in Ohio, is ambling on toward the convention with typical quirky optimism, while Ted Cruz is claiming the role as the only viable Trump alternative.

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A month ago, a supposedly disgruntled former Pretty Little Liars employee took to Reddit for an unofficial, impromptu AMA about the series.At the end of each episode contestants get a chance to see each other in the light of day, and decide whether or not to pursue their relationship.With so many new series popping up on streaming services and DVD every day, it gets harder and harder to keep up with new shows, much less the all-time classics.It had a special appeal for high school students of a “theatrical” bent, but given the attitudes of the time, it could also be quite homophobic.The premise of the best-known version of the show is simple, if difficult to get just right.The first DVD volume of episodes 1–3 was released in Japan on 24 July 2009,, also by Kondo, was the ending theme song for episode 50.The first episode of the anime series was called the "masterpiece of the new season" by Anime News Network, who also complimented the musical score as "understated but highly effective".One day during summer vacation, she makes him take her to swimming lessons on his bicycle.On the way back, to avoid classmate Osamu Akaishi, who has a crush on Wakaba, Ko joins a sandlot baseball game organized by another classmate, Daiki Nakanishi.Because he has never played before, Ko fields badly, but because he has practiced in the Tsukishima family's batting cages he hits the game-winning home run.After their joint 11th birthday, Wakaba gives Ko a schedule of birthday presents for him to give her through age 20.