Dating graflex

4839 - cycle graphic -- 189712780 RB Auto 1906-1908 guesstimate14230 (15103 overstrike) 3x4 RB Tele 190715359 - 5x7 Press Graflex -- 1907-1908? 95361 - 3x4 RB Auto 1918-1919100508 2x3 RB Graflex Jr (camera not dated by book holder, est.

173 2x3 Auto 1912-191433214 3A Graflex 1912-191447402 - Graflex 1A -- 1915 approx.44859 2x3 Auto 1915-191648245 - 3.25 x 5.5 compact graflex early 1920s56232 5x7 Home Portrait 1916-191766669 top handle speed late teens78238 5x7 press graflex approximately 1915780(8)45 4x5 Top Handle Speed 191577482 3A Graflex 1915-191684407 5x7 Press Graflex 85996 - top handle speed 1917-191886300 4x5 top handle speed 1917-191887794 - 5x7 speed 1918-191988330 5x7 compact Graflex - 1917-191888374 5x7 compact graflex 1916-191891208 4x5 Auto Graflex -- 1916-191992230 2x3 Auto 1917?

Produced by Graflex in Rochester, New York, the Speed Graphic is commonly called the most famous press camera.

Although the first Speed Graphic cameras were produced in 1912, production of later versions continued until 1973; with the most significant improvements occurring in 1947 with the introduction of the Pacemaker Speed Graphic (and Pacemaker Crown Graphic, which is one pound lighter but lacks the focal plane shutter).

31, 190928207 - pre introduction speed 191128613 3x4 Auto 1911-19123?

1917-1919)100573 RB Graflex Junior 101084 3x4 top handle speed 1916-1917109798 5x7 compact graphic late 1919 1920110518 - 3x4 Top Handle Speed Graphic (camera not dated, est.

has the side-mounted Kalart RF, Graflok back, FP "back-shutter", and Optar 135/4.7 in Graphex shutter... The idea when using the RF is that you extend the bellows out to some predetermined stops on the focusing rails, which are calibrated preset with your specific lens and RF cam setting, so that the image is in focus on the ground glass when it's also in focus in the RF, for a wide range of distances on the bellows.

Then, as you rack the focus knob in and out, they'll track together.

As the company's success grew, it chose to focus on photography and dropped its other manufacturing lines, and in 1905 was acquired by George Eastman, in 1907 becoming the Folmer Graflex Division of Eastman Kodak.

Are there any on-lline resources for dating Graphic press cameras ?

I have a Pacemaker Speed 4x5 that I'm trying to research... ) My Anniversary Speed has the side-mounted Kalart RF, there's a procedure somewhere on the website showing how to align the cam for your lens, so you can shoot with the wireframe viewfinder and focus with the RF, not having to reference the ground glass at all, ala press photog style.

Each exposure required the photographer to change the film holder, open the lens shutter, cock the focal plane shutter, remove the dark slide from the inserted film holder, focus the camera, and release the focal plane shutter.

Conversely, if the lens shutter were used, the focal plane shutter (on the Speed Graphic and Pacemaker Graphic models with both shutters) had to be opened prior to cocking using the "T" or TIME setting, and then releasing the shutter in the lens.