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None of these questions are likely be make-or-break for those near and dear to me, but for other couples, giving the “wrong” answer to such queries may result in their becoming holiday statistics.

The anecdotal evidence is strong that the end-of-year holidays are a dangerous time for less-solid relationships and marriages.

He doesn't get into the holiday spirit, but he knows it's important to me to be together and do all the things so it's important to him as a result," says Colleen, 31."I think it's a must.

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" Or whatever, because there's always next year—that is if you don't dump them before then? Gotta be together."My husband couldn't care any less about Christmas because it's meaningless to him as a lifelong atheist, but he gets that I am a Christmas lover.Most have designated kids clubs, offering the opportunity to keep the little ones entertained while you top up your tan on the beach or enjoy a quiet drink at the bar.Luxuriate in the on-site spa or get stuck into a good book for an hour or two, knowing that your kids are in safe hands and making great holiday memories.Heading off on holiday means you’re bound to be looking for an excellent hotel that caters to families.Thankfully, we’ve got a great range to suit single parents across endless beautiful locations.In that case, it's totally doable to have a holiday dinner with one family and dessert with the other.Though I could walk to Paul's parents' house from my parents' home, Paul's family tends to celebrate holidays in Brooklyn with his grandma and cousins while my family treks out to southern New Jersey where my grandparents and cousins live.And has found that 76% of singles they polled reported holiday dissolutions—before, during or after.Why do the holidays take such a toll on relationships?But this method left us totally confused about what to do with Thanksgiving, the one major holiday both of our families celebrate in earnest.In our 15-year-long relationship, Paul and I have only spent two Thanksgivings together--the two of us split up for this holiday while we were dating and even while we were engaged.