Dating loaded question

I don't think the first date is too early at all if it's a good date. Way too personal for first date, and conversations about other possible options (adoption, surrogacy, etc.) are couple conversations." —Sandi, 33, Washington, D.

It usually comes up when people talk about nieces and nephews! C."If it's important to them, they have every right to bring it up, but they're showing their hand before the game really gets going, so they shouldn't be offended if the other person decides to fold." —Chase, 32, New York City"I think it's OK if you want to ask because it's really important to you and to expect an honest answer, but to expect it to be divulged (especially when it's a personal health issue) seems insane to me.

When ten o’clock strikes, we run to the porch to rat-ta-tat-tat on pans, while screaming at the top of our lungs for the world to hear! Once a question is drawn – the husband would answer it…then the wife would tell the REAL answer…er…I mean…wife would then answer it & we would get to see if they matched. What are you waiting for, go plan your New Year’s Eve Party!

Sorry neighbors, I promise we haven’t lost our marbles. This game provided a LOT of laughter during the meal!

Then the chairman asked what her husband did for a living.

“I gave a very generic answer that my husband’s career wasn’t really a factor and (that) he was very supportive of me in this important time of my career,” she says. ’ It seemed very odd for that to be our first conversation” of the interview.

“But (the chairman) didn’t get my attempt to lay off the conversation. In May, a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported results from a survey of people who had received NIH career-transition awards between 20.

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