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St Edward's Crown (top) is used to crown the monarch. Also in this picture are the crown and diadem of Mary of Modena (wife of James II of England), the blunt Sword of Mercy, the eagle-shaped ampulla, the armills, and the orbs.

Printed in Great Britain by Stafford & Co Ltd Netherfield Nottingham & London. Poster LNER CAMBRIDGE ON THE LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY by Fred Taylor. A view of one of the colleges, published by the LNER and printed by Vincent Brooks Day & Son Ltd Lith London WC1. A rare poster by one of the top artists in excellent condition. Dated 6-2-1928 and printed by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Ltd Lith London WC2.The medieval coronation regalia and Tudor state regalia had been either sold or melted down by Oliver Cromwell, a republican who overthrew the monarchy in 1649, during the English Civil War.Notable among the precious stones which adorn the regalia are Cullinan I (the largest clear cut diamond in the world), Cullinan II (second-largest of the Cullinan diamonds), the Koh-i-Noor diamond with a history going back to the 13th century, the Stuart Sapphire, St Edward's Sapphire, and the Black Prince's Ruby – a large spinel worn by King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt.The Rolex paperwork included with this watch is dated 1999, which is when the watch was originally sold.The case reference U26*** dates the manufacture of the watch as 1997, but it went unsold until 1999.Impervious to the hands of time, a Rolex watch is made to last.Each timepiece bears a range of prestigious quality certifications that guarantee everything from the purity of the gold to the performance of these superlative chronometers.Nameplate LICKEY rectangular cast brass ex 0-6-0DE built by BR Derby in 1952, numbered D3011 and used at Eastleigh Depot until moving to the Austin Longbridge Works in 1973 when this name would have been applied. The milk jug is also a little rubbed around the Co A. Circular brass 11in diameter and in ex loco condition. To Wilmott Brothers Plant Services, Ilkeston, Derbyshire 1996 and used as a hire loco. CLIFTON ROCKS RAILWAY opening day commemorative medal. Makers name Payne & Thompson Bristol and view of the bridge and gorge to front and details to the reverse. Totem BR(E) HF LOWDHAM from the former Midland Railway station between Nottingham and Newark. An extremely rare totem that has only appeared once before at auction. These were later removed at Immingham TMD in October 1989 and transferred to 47054 which carried them until July 1992. One sugar bowl has clear Pullman Co A, the other a little worn and stamped BTHS underneath. Measures 13in x 11in, face only restored Industrial locomotive numberplate LYSAGHTS No15 SCUNTHORPE ex 0-6-0 Sentinel Diesel Hydraulic builders number 10111, new to works 1963 and named Hubert. Measures 1.5in, in excellent condition, together with a CLIFTON SUSPENSION BRIDGE opening day commemorative medal dated 8th December 1864.It is 12 in diameter and is 14 overall height A attractive whistle that would benefit from a good clean and polish. Ex LSWR Drummond 0-6-0 Class 700, built June 1897 by Dubs & Co Glasgow.Nicknamed Black Motors, this one spent most, if not all its working life at Guildford.