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Savvy to Southeast Asian cultural norms, the developers say they emphasize commitment over flings and are striving to make mobile dating culturally appropriate, with features like group dates, arranged chaperones, Muslim meet-ups and one-match-a-day platforms.One group of app makers (Mat & Minah keeps mum on its investor dollars) has raised million in seed funding and already has tens of thousands of registered users since launching a few years ago.And while in-app advertisements and paid premium services help keep these startups afloat, they all aspire to one day become the leading matchmakers in Asia.According to Noonswoon CEO Kavin Mickey Asavanant, this slew of conservative dating apps could be the remedy for today’s aggressive hookup culture and the so-called dating apocalypse that more serious daters in Southeast Asia abhor. So, like single people the world over, he picks up his i Phone.But he’s not about to swipe right or left — à la Tinder — on a couple of hundred comely strangers. We’re not in the Big Apple, San Francisco, Austin or Chicago.Compare that with the 2,500 dating companies squabbling over the 124.6 million single adults in the United States.Conservative mobile dating apps like Noonswoon in Thailand, Paktor in Singapore, Mat & Minah in Malaysia and Peekawoo in the Philippines are swooping in to serve the region’s signature style of romance — for one thing, it’s customary for women to “play hard to get” for years — and to offer customized versions for the Muslim and Buddhist heartlands of Southeast Asia.

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The shallow man has met many an expat lady that have been on dates with Dutch men that have not led to happy endings.

Asian men just like all other men have different tastes. I have found that more East Indian men, Philippine, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Korean men are open to dating black women than other Asian groups, but there are exceptions to the rule. I have gotten rejected many times because I was too fat.

There are some that only want a Chinese woman and there are some that want foreign women and yes folks .. I have friends of all colors married to many types of Asian men. But don’t let that discourage you ladies, I didn’t.

INDIA Indian dating is mainly influenced by the custom of arranged marriages by parents or relatives where just a little dating required.

Interests of family are considered to be more important than the romantic needs of individuals.