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Orbiting the Moon, the Talos I space station symbolizes the height of private space enterprise.

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A tenor saxophonist and an electric violinist sit in for various numbers, including "High Heeled Sneakers" and a remarkable "Dark Star," and they make the performance a unique musical exploration indeed. While the tape has been available for some time, as usual host David Gans had a top-of-the-line mix that brought out the best in the music.

It's one thing to hear musicians sit in with the Dead for a blues jam, but it's another to hear an electric violin and tenor sax comfortably weaving in and out of "Dark Star" with Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh. Now, Deadlists says that the guests were Charles Lloyd and David La Flamme, but those are unlikely suppositions based on little more than air.

Yet it remains a fascinating conundrum, that for all the Dead's worldwide popularity and voluminous history, some factual details remain tantalizingly just beyond our knowledge.

A perfect case is shown by some special guests jamming with the Grateful Dead in their prime, on tape, at Chet Helms Family Dog On The Great Highway, on Sunday August 3, 1969. I have struggled with the mystery of August 3, 1969 before, in a different context, but the 2017 Grateful Dead Marathon brought the question into sharp focus.