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To find information about feature support and configuration, use the "Feature Information for the Cisco IOS DHCP Server" section.

•Prerequisites for Configuring the DHCP Server •Information About the Cisco IOS DHCP Server •How to Configure the Cisco IOS DHCP Server •Configuration Examples for the Cisco IOS DHCP Server •Additional References •Feature Information for the Cisco IOS DHCP Server Before you configure the Cisco IOS DHCP server, you should understand the concepts documented in the "DHCP Overview" module.

DHCP for static routes can be configured in the same manner as DHCP for VLANs.

In addition to the other configuration options mentioned above, you will be required to specify the Gateway IP that clients on that subnet should be using.

If the DHCP server and DHCP clients are located on different subnets, a DHCP relay agent is used to facilitate the conversation.

A DHCP client is any network-enabled device that allows you to communicate with a DHCP server to obtain dynamic, leased IP configuration and related, optional information.

is any network-enabled device that supports the ability to communicate with a DHCP server in compliance with RFC 2131, for the purpose of obtaining dynamic leased IP configuration and related optional information.You can manually configure IP addresses at each computer, or you can install a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server that can assign IP addresses to each client computer or device on the network.No manual configuration is required on the IP phones because the phones can receive only DHCP-assigned IP addresses.The static IP will still be configured on the device if you go to the Uplink configuration page on the Local Status Page or, for MS switches and MR access points, on the device's details page in Dashboard under "set IP address".Even though the device will have a different IP via DHCP, it will continue to ARP for the gateway configured statically.You can enable and configure the DHCP service on each VLAN individually, or for the whole network if VLANs are not enabled.This is done on the The MX can also provide DHCP for statically routed subnets.Unified communications (UC) phones are DHCP clients.Required Ports Make sure that the following ports are open to allow a hardware load balancer: User Provisioning Ensure that users have been provisioned and enabled on Lync Server. In Lync Server Control Panel, go to the Users tab and search for the user.The DHCP relay server must be reachable in one of the following three ways: The DHCP leases live tool shows leases currently active in the MX/Z1.All computers that are on a TCP/IP network must have an IP address on the network to work correctly.