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Flat bones, such as the ribs and breastbone, could be described as being fairly flat and plate-like.

Sesamoid bones refer to small bones embedded in a tendon, often found in joints, such as in the knees and wrists.

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Weidingsplaas Distrik - Exelsior Groot 554 ha • 414ha Soetveld • 60ha Eragrostis • Lande – 80ha bewerkbaar • Jaarlikse reënval 650 -700mm • 2 x Boorgate ( ontwikkel – dompelpompe) • 3 x Gronddamme – walle kort aandag • Groot Vetrivier loop deur plaas • Ou melkstal en stoor • Beeskraal • 3 x Motorhuise • 1 x 4 Slaapkamer woning , 2.5 x Badkamer, sitkamer,eetkamer, Tv kamer, lapa, tuin het besproeiing (Tv kamer het ondervloer verhitting, kamer het nuwe teëls • 1 x Slaapkamer met vol badkamer woonstel, kombuis, sitkamer ooplan – groot afdak • Potensiaal vir 2ha besproeiing (maar geen regte) • 1.2m Omhein R 6,684 000 This is a well established hardware store for the, builder the Do-it-Yourself lover, the gardener and everybody else that needs to fix that small little things in and around the house.

Bones develop from cells known as osteoblasts, first beginning as soft cartilage before the bone hardens through the introduction of various minerals, a process known as ossification.

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Both units area rented long term with contracts in place with yearly escalations.

In a 1990 publication (Wood 1990), archaeologist Bryant Wood argued that a proper study of the archaeological data, and especially the pottery evidence (his field of expertise) showed that the original date that John Garstang had postulated in the 1930s for the fall of Jericho City IV was the correct date.