Dyndns not updating

I've recently bought an LG N2R1 NAS device, and wanted to be able to access it via the web when away from home.

Anyway I've installed the latest firmware and set up the Dyn Dns connection, and it seemed to work fine for a while.

My IP hasnt changed in some time, even though its supposed to be a dynamic ip. If pfsense does not detect an IP change on the renewal of the DHCP lease does it update the host?

NOTE: These FAQs were created in 2014 to address some changes Dyn made in using a D-Link device with Dyn’s Remote Access (Dyn DNS) Service.

Mar 1 php: /services_dyndns_edit.php: Dyn Dns: Dyn Dns _check Status() starting.

Mar 1 php: /services_dyndns_edit.php: Dyn Dns: Current Service: dyndns-custom Mar 1 php: /services_dyndns_edit.php: php Dyn DNS: PAYLOAD: nohost Mar 1 php: /services_dyndns_edit.php: php Dyn DNS: (Unknown Response)Any clues???

Then a day or 2 later it stopped working, and I was at a bit of a loss as to why, I expect it was because my IP had changed and it had not updated the Dyn Dns end to tell it the IP had changed.

Anyway im not really that clued up when it comes to this sort of stuff, so any help would be ideal.

All four properties are depending on the class of the DNS updater. Perhaps you must adjust this time according to the term of use of the service used (some web pages only allow a query all 5 minutes).The next bean element sets up the runner: days the IP address will be send again to the DNS updater service, no matter is it changed or not. The second property is again a reference to a bean defined previous.For this value should be set to 28 so the host name will not be released. The next bean element sets up the timer factory itself. The first property is a reference to a bean defined previous.We highly recommend using software clients since they tend to be more reliable than many of the update clients used in routers.“I want to send updates myself via TSIG rather than install software.” Many hardware devices, such as DVRs, webcams, routers, etc, have built in update clients.The first two properties should be self-explanatory.The third property is the name or the IP address of a service which resolves the IP address.All three properties are depending on the class of the IP getter.The next bean element sets up the DNS updater (the service which updates the DNS service): The first two properties should be self-explanatory.This can make it difficult or impossible to connect to services at home, like remote desktop or FTP.Using an update client with your Remote Access (Dyn DNS Pro) or Dyn Standard DNS hostname allows you to make sure you can always reach your home network, because it makes sure that your hostname is always up-to-date with the latest IP address.