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I said ‘yes’ but in my heart I know we can’t really afford it.” Suzanne, determined to see Josh enjoying the ocean he loved so much, launched a Givealittle fundraising page in the hope of raising enough money to be able to afford the beach buggy.

The Laforteza family needed 6,500 New Zealand dollars (€4200), and a quarter of that was raised by their community through the fundraising page.

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Though he only won fourth place in the finals, it was apparent from the beginning that was definitely star material with his swoon-inducing combo of good looks and pleasant voice.His fame reached neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.His critically-acclaimed local stage play roles earned him a top spot in the Singaporean musical drama series The Kitchen Musical. I don’t have a problem lusting after him in his crooning suit-and-tie self but come on, we don’t mind him singing shirtless either!Love Life: He recently broke up with Romanian-Chinese Carla Dunareanu who was his co-star in The Kitchen Musical.If there’s excitement that went after sorrow with this news, that’s totally understandable. Erwan Heussaff Why He’s Hot: Filipino-French Erwan comes off with a confident, mysterious persona one will never guess he used to weigh as much as 240 lbs.The Legacy Trust and Bayfair Shopping Centre also pitched in and within a month, Kaye was able to place an order for the Hippocampe.The specially-made chair took three months to arrive from the US and was presented to Josh at Mt Maunganui beach.It was not immediately clear why he was in the capital.The military and police have been hunting him for his alleged involvement in bombings and kidnappings.Wood has to be heated up and a desired temperature, the visitor requested, reached before they hop in The water used to fill the tubs is taken from a natural flowing spring and is fed to the kawa from a pipe.The 1990s paved the way for some actors to enter the entertainment industry by traversing the sexy films.