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Florian is recognized for his tendency to finish his opponents, having earned stoppages in twelve of his fourteen career victories.He is also one of only two fighters in history to compete in four different weight divisions in the UFC: Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight and Featherweight the other being Diego Sanchez.Café Florian, dating back from the 1700s, is a popular place, as is Café Quadri, also on the square. Mark’s Basilica is the third building that has been constructed on that spot on St. Two other churches were there previously, the first built to hold the stolen bones of St. The present basilica dates back to 1063, has a very ornate façade with the golden winged lion, which represents St.It usually seems as though there are millions of pigeons in the square, and that many people too; it’s difficult to really see the fine features and architecture there unless visiting at off-peak times. Mark and is the symbol of Venice, and is filled with amazing mosaics, domes, statues, and the High Altar that supposedly contains some of the remains of St. This church is a must-see for any tourist to Venice. Doge's palace A series of 120 Doges ruled Venice, and their incredible 3-storied palace dates back to before Renaissance times.Zell am See is a popular tourist attraction on the Austrian side of the Alps, but it's also a very ancient town; evidence suggests that it was built around 740 AD, before the Norman Conquest of Britain, and only a few years after Muslim encroachment into France was prevented at the battle of Tours (732).Although the area around Zell had been previously inhabited by the Romans, the town of Zell am See was founded by monks – who left their traces in the name “Cell [monkish residence] of the Lake”.(born May 26, 1976) is a retired American mixed martial artist who formerly competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).Throughout his MMA career, he was able to defeat legendary fighters but always fell short in a title fight.

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The remains of an individual that would have stood about 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) in height were discovered in 2003 at Liang Bua on the island of Flores in Indonesia.Partial skeletons of nine individuals have been recovered, including one complete skull, referred to as "LB1".Their skeletal material is now dated to from 60,000 to 100,000 years ago; stone tools recovered alongside the skeletal remains were from archaeological horizons ranging from 50,000 to 190,000 years ago.One of the most popular of these tourist attractions is the Kreuzgasse Tower, which was built in the 12th century, and today serves as a folklore history museum.The Tower museum is only open from June to mid-October (during the summer months when hikers are more common).Hence, he has never held a belt in any MMA organization.He currently serves as the UFC on Fox analyst and color commentator for UFC Fight Night (formerly UFC on FX and UFC on Fuel TV). The square has a dominating clock tower, the Basilica, political and religious buildings, restaurants, bars, and shops, and is known as one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Mark’s Square is the main square in Venice and has long been a central meeting place for Venetians; it serves that purpose for tourists now also.The discoverers (archaeologist Mike Morwood and colleagues), proposed that a variety of features, both primitive and derived, identify these individuals as belonging to a new species, H.floresiensis, within the taxonomic tribe of Hominini, which includes all species that are more closely related to humans than to chimpanzees.