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Geologists thought otherwise, requiring roughly a billion years for nature to sculpt the earth they saw. Corliss (1970), a great many people in the sciences and elsewhere have used his distinction between paradigms in normal science and anomalies both in normal science and in scientific revolutions to explain developments in contemporary science.Kelvin didn't reckon on nuclear energy, and the geologists had the last laugh! It has sometimes seemed that those on the fringes of established science cry paradigm bias to explain why their work doesnt get any attention when it is in fact the work itself that is to blame.Presumably, some evidence that conflicts with received views is ignored for good reason, and some without good reason.When an apparent anomaly is dismissed for no good reason, then the scientists in question are behaving badly.Provenance: The Glenn Westlake Collection* from northern Schuyler (pronounced Skyler) County or southern Fulton County near where the Sangamon and the great Illinois River converge.This artifact was found near the tiny town of Bader, just south of Astoria IL and also near Crane Lake.For various genetic reasons, it seems that all aboriginal Americans are more closely related to one another than they are to any other populations, and are more closely related to the peoples of Asia than those of other parts of the world.

In particular, we will argue that, in periods of instability in science (revolution, if you like), it is in the very nature of science to treat anomalous evidence with hostility and suspicion, even when there is little evidential reason to suspect it.

There is no agreement upon their purpose or purposes, which may have included the processing of food, medicine or pigments, storage, arrow-production or fire-drilling.

As such, they could represent a primitive form of mortar and pestle.

In this study, we examine in detail a particular case of anomalous evidence meeting received view.

In this case, the received view is a theory about human origins in the Americas, and the anomaly is a site in Mexico, the age of which is apparently in conflict with that received theory.