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I tried all kinds of things to get hold of the business object but nothing seems to work. I'm using Object Datasource in combination with a Formview. I have a business object property which I can't update through the normal binding since it's a custom enum type.

Hello, I have create a master/detail using a Grid View and a Form View.

NET application, it’s very simple to use the built-in Button and Link Button controls to perform actions like adding a record to a database or saving changes.

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the business object) since it's null in the On Item Inserting and On Item Updating events.

These will be different for a Data List or other objects – that code can generally be found in the MSDN Library.

Most of the commands have a built-in method – for example, if the command is “Update”, the Form View comes with a Update Item method.

Details View control is a data-bound control that renders a single record at a time.

Remember, there’s a script file in the control that should open automatically (if it doesn’t, click the gray arrow on the upper-right corner of the control or right-click the control and choose Show Smart Tag), check all the available check boxes, shown in Figure 13-4. The links in the left column enable you to edit, delete, and select the relevant genres.