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This week, everyone's running around doing crazy GDC nonsense, so Max and Brian are joined by Dan Stapleton and Daemon Hatfield to discuss Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn (again), Battlefield 1's DLC.

This week, join Max "Tallneck" Scoville, Marty "Broadhead" Sliva, Brian "Thunder Jaw" Altano, and Zach "Stormbird" Ryan as they discuss Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is shaping up to be one of, if not the biggest PS4 exclusive of the year, and...

If you have no prior drunk driving convictions, were just on the edge of the .08 limit and did not cause an accident, we may be able to get you a “wet reckless” plea.

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has protected the rights of people in and around Broward County against charges of DUI. Rather, it is critical that you develop a strong case that includes a solid defense to the DUI charges.Episodes are available in season, with no login required for many season premieres and all video extras.Full seasons require a login from your TV provider.This week, join Max Scoville, Marty Sliva, Alanah Pearce, and Zach Ryan as they discuss the announcement of Darksiders III, Hideo Kojima's latest cryptic update on Death Stranding, the very cool new PSVR game GNOG, and answer a bunch of...Join Max "Mole Mitts" Scoville, Marty "Hookshot" Sliva, Brian "Boomerang" Altano, and Alanah "Pegasus Boots" Pearce as they break down a nice busy week of video game news, including Call of Duty: WWII's reveal, Marvel Vs. Join Max "Yarael Poof" Scoville, Marty "Oppo Rancisis" Sliva, Brian "Even Piell" Altano, and Andrew "Yaddle" Goldfarb as they discuss all the crazy new bells and whistles that EA's attaching to Star Wars Battlefront 2, from it's all-new campaign to...A former IGN writer, Moriarty is known for his broadly right-wing views.He has recently appeared on various right-wing and conservative outlets, including the Glenn Beck Radio Program and the Rubin Report, to discuss politics."It’s with a heavy heart and great sadness that I announce my resignation from Kinda Funny, effective immediately," Moriarty wrote.He said that, following a discussion with his teammates, he decided to move on.“Opportunities are already popping up for me, bringing me in a new, different, and exciting direction,” added Moriarty.“Obviously, you haven’t seen or heard the last of me.