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By using and/or viewing this site, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all of its terms and conditions; you are at least 18-years old, and you are not prohibited by law from using the Site.NUT Advice Line – England only Members seeking advice and guidance should contact the NUT Advice Line by telephoning 020 3006 6266 or emailing [email protected] you are a member, please include your name, membership number and association/division name when emailing.If we opened the site up to everyone without an account, our video would load very slow.Our goal is to give everyone extremely fast downloads.Other things they will learn are: lying, cheating, and stealing, as experienced players take advantage of new players by lopsided trades, and new players give away their passwords and thus control of their possessions to strangers. Well, first off, the players have various short hand for swear words.For example, your child might be invited to a "stripped club" aka strip club.Under the National Geographic brand, you will assume this is a "safe" game, with parental controls, but that is not the issue. My daughter's account was hacked into by another player who lied to my daughter (she thought he was a moderator) and all her things were "stolen." Animal Jam had the nerve to send an automated response to my email complaints. The past week, however, we noticed that she was being exposed to a great deal of foul language and sexual activity on this kid-friendly site.The problem is with addiction, and that the educational aspects of this are virtually nil, considering it is optional for the children to click on the educational facts, otherwise the main thing they will learn is materialism, as they strive to acquire possessions for their avatar. I left two messages on their phone line (which is never staffed apparently) and never got a call back. How can that be when the site has chat filters and constant moderation?First of all, we must verify that you are over the age of 18.Second, we need to limit the number of people watching our videos at the same time.

Free sex chat no mebership charge