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The official language of Bredbury is very similar to Chavish, such is the high proportion of chavs:non chavs in this area, but regional twists have resulted in unique words such as "Groodstyle", which can be translated to modern English as "Good morning my fine fellow, isn't it a most clement day to go strolling through the park? Bredbury was embroiled in a long War of Independence for twelve years lasting from 1249 and eventually became a separate state in July 1261 when the region split from the Galactic Empire.

Although the official reasons for the dispute are hidden deep inside the vaults of Bredbury library (they're not that deep it's just nobody can be arsed getting up and searching for them), rumour has it that when Darth Maul visited as an ambassador, locals pelted him with empty White Lightning cans and tried to anally rape the poor chap.

Law enforcement officials said they did not know if and how many were duplicates of emails discovered in the earlier investigation.”“Hillary Clinton sits on her Throne of Power in the Fortress of Glass, glancing at the ceiling and sharpening her hammer. Earlier today she sent out one or two emails to old friends in Washington intimating they should “get drinks when I’m back.” She has started to say “when” more than “if.” …

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Are black girls going out of tune because the black man doesn't want to fuck them but preffer to love them?African images and stories are so diverse, that you're treated on them like some food menu.Having been depressed by the negative images of suffering fellow Africans - that Europeans enjoy feeding to their gullible audience, so they can solicit donations from them to re-colonise our people using food bowls, etc.; in Uganda, Somalia, DR Congo, of those brothers and sisters drowning while crossing to Europe to be treated like scum,etc.According to a Daily Mail exclusive, a girl, whose identity was withheld because she’s a minor, said that she began a supposed text relationship with Weiner last January while she was a sophomore in high school. Weiner apparently knew how old she was, but still sent her photos of himself, including one of him in the pool and one where he is shirtless and gripping his crotch. Be part of the work and believe in your self, nothing you wish for wil refuse to come your way.Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren, Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen.Being dumped by one man should not make you hate Man!There are six Billion people on this planet and one of them has got to fancy you. If your neighbors are having sex every-night and you're spending every night lying awake until 3 a.m, waiting for their bedspring to shut up, then you gonna need some help now.The two have been at war since 1456, when the Grand High Bredburyite, Dwayne Aiden Nicholls III, stole the King of Stockport's gyrocopter whilst the King slept off a narcotics-induced delusional fantasy in which he was King of England and had turned the land into his own private bowling alley.Bredbury has a population of somewhere between 10 and 1,000,000, though nobody knows exactly as so many babies are born to 14-year-olds girls every minute that it is impossible to count.