Geek and nerd dating sites

OKCupid attracts a large audience because it's completely free and easy to navigate. Users guide themselves through a compatibility check instead of the site popping out random matches.

Krohn and Rudder were responsible for two of the most important parts of Ok Cupid:the OK Web Server and the Ok Trends blog. Ok creates a unique dating environment by putting heavy emphases on member participation.

Take your average attractive actor or actress and stick on Nerd Glasses, a lab coat and some mussed hair and clothes to make them Hollywood Homely.

They are probably also Hollywood Dateless, and the social ineptitude may only be an Informed Flaw.

In Hollywood, there is a very set list of what you can be a "geek" about. Compare Hollywood Homely, Geek Physiques, Cool Loser, Give Geeks a Chance.

One of the inevitabilities when it comes to relationships – whether you’re currently in one or just trying to be – is that you’re going to deal with feelings of insecurity, jealousy and envy.