Independent women intimidating men

With that in mind, here are a few things that shouldn’t scare men, but instead inspire them to find a strong woman of their own ASAP. Sometimes men feel emasculated by a woman who out-earns him.

Why wouldn’t you want someone who brings more to the table to add to the empire you’re building?

Although these standards weed out most of the men they meet, they don’t mind; they’re willing & able to wait. Instead of dating within their sizable pool of beautiful, sexy, and intelligent MBA classmates, the guys were dating, and even marrying, girls outside of their program.

“Guys with MBAs just don’t want girls with MBAs,” one lamented. After meeting a great guy, one girl was shocked to find him suddenly pulling away after a few successful dates.

More and more women are getting advanced degrees and pursuing their careers. Their hectic schedules don’t offer much time for the hassles and turmoil of dating. Yea, sure, and while you’re at it, pick up an extra million dollars on the way home too.

These days, women don’t need a man’s permission to take charge of her own life and totally kick ass at it.

Unfortunately, there are some guys who don’t take too well to the strong, independent type and likely feel intimidated by them. It’s 2015; haven’t we evolved past this outdated mentality? However, the first step in changing things is understanding why they’re wrong in the first place.

Although she admits that it’s not the usual kind of trip that most people take during the Christmas season, she is fascinated by history and intends to visit historic sites in Greece, Turkey and Italy. The thing is, if I had a boyfriend or if I were married, I would have a hard time explaining why I want to go on such a trip.

“I love history, I have visited historic sites in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda and now I want to experience European history,” she says. I would have a man complaining about leaving him behind and probably the burden of kids.