Is calum best dating georgia salpa

Will she be the lovely beauty of the house this year? Denise Welch The Loose Women star is bound to be a barrel of laughs with her say-what-you-think attitude.

Calum said: “I was certainly flirting with her but at the same time I was careful because I knew she had a boyfriend and it’s really not my style to mess with that! I have a reputation of being a bad boy and a ladies man but I’m trying to change that in so many ways.

We can't wait to see what other bombshells she drops in the Diary Room.

Georgia Salpa She's most famous for dating Calum Best, so we're not quite sure WHAT to make of Georgia.

Calum Best has lived more than a fair share of his life in the shadows of a painful past. The only people who were letting me onboard were club owners." And bartenders! "I didn't know how to accept that, or take that on board. ' "But as the years went by," he adds, "I figured it out personally: I think with most alcohol-dependent people it would be a case of when the booze goes and their mind goes clear, they realise all the people they've let down, or hurt. "She was here to support me and she made me realise the good things and how I should change. "These issues screwed me up for a while but the point of my story is: you can come out on top. I don't mean in an ego way but a way of actually liking himself. I have still got some anxiety about what people think. but I am happier than I have ever been now," says Calum, moving away from the shadows of his past, finally.

At the age of 32, the man who was starting to become a byword for dissolution and excess appears to be finally coming, however tentatively, towards the light. And I think that would be the same with me and him. There was good times of us going to the football and us talking about girls, but there were also dark times of me coming over at 15 years old and not knowing about his drink problem and having to go to the pub with him at eight o'clock in the morning. He wasn't very open in the 'I love yous' or any of that stuff. "The long and short of it is my dad had an illness and it screwed me up for a bit back then, and you could very easily go down the same road," he says. "As soon as I started to change, the BBC came to me and said they had a documentary Brought Up By Booze for Children In Need and they wanted me to be a part of it. You can make your story end well, which is what I'm doing, which is why I am doing this campaign." Calum, who lives in Fulham on his own and is single, adds that he loves his mother "to bits and she loves me to bits". George Best was born on May 22, 1946 to Dickie and Anne Best and raised in the Cregagh area of east Belfast He was discovered by a scout from Manchester United at the age of 15 He married Angela Mac Donald-Janes in January 1978 in Las Vegas, and divorced in 1986.