Is simon cowell dating paula abdual

He floated in and out of jobs, sabotaging several interviews for jobs set up by his father.

He finally landed a job at his father's company as a mailroom clerk at EMI Music Publishing.

and Keith Urban, as well as host Ryan Seacrest, for its 15th and final season in January.

And despite the decline in ratings in recent seasons, it was hard for the network to say goodbye to the iconic series."It was not an easy decision," Gary Newman, Fox's chairman and CEO, said on Monday while on a call with reporters.

"Newman promised that the final season will be "special and going to be a true, season-long celebration."Which means we'll most likely be seeing the return of the series' original judges for the "nostalgic" final season, including Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, with Fox's chairman and CEO Dana Walden saying they are "already talking about surprised we can have for the fans to make it feel special..would welcome any of them back."Walden then went on to say she recently spent some time with former judges, saying, "There' a lot of enthusiasm about coming back and paying tribute."As for Seacrest's season one co-host, Brian Dunkleman? And fans can expect the music to be even better, with Ne-Yo coming on to work alongside Timbaland on original music.

and," he added, gesturing to his pals on stage, "for you guys being actually my best friends now, and I'm going to miss you.

, judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were the Sam and Diane of the show -- they bickered and sparred, but under all their combativeness there was an undeniable sexual tension that was super awkward all the time.