Joe thomas still dating hannah tointon

During the shooting of their show, they fell in love with each other and soon after they started dating each other.

They have been in the relation for about 7 years now and as the years passed, their mutual bonding has also grown stronger.

‘We live in an old-fashioned 1960s building in the Barbican and it is like stepping into a time warp,’ he said. The washing-up consumes so much of our spare time that Hannah has suggested we eat off paper plates.’ Before he added playfully: ‘But I have drawn the line at living in a permanent children’s party.

‘I quite like the romance of having to boil the kettle every time we have to wash up or have a bath, but Hannah doesn’t. ’ Despite the hiccups with their home, the Essex born actor admitted to Cosmopolitan that he is a romantic at heart, and is always looking out to ‘protect’ his stunning partner.

Mail Online has contacted representatives of Joe and Hannah for comment.

Their love no doubt blossomed after their characters embarked on romance on the show – with the sister of Kara Tointon playing unlucky-in-love Simon’s crazy girlfriend Tara.

Their awkward sitcom alter-egos were not destined for fourth base, let alone wedded bliss.

But now Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon from The Inbetweeners are engaged, according to social media and, rather appropriately, Uni Lad.

The pair have been dating since 2010, after meeting on set of Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners.

It’s been nearly seven years since 33-year-old Joe, who played unlucky-in-love ringleader Simon, started dating 29-year-old Hannah, who played Simon’s slightly crazy girlfriend of about a week or so, Tara. uk has contacted the actors’ reps for confirmation of their engagement but so far, neither Joe nor Hannah have referenced their rumoured impending nuptials on social media.

The pair have been living together in London since 2012 and now it seems they are planning to tie the knot. Hannah, who is The Halcyon actress Kara Tointon’s younger sister, first appeared in the third series of The Inbetweeners, and is now better known for her roles in Mr Selfridge, Penny Dreadful and Hollyoaks.

Their characters Simon and Tara dated on beloved TV series The Inbetweeners.

However it seems that Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon have taken their relationship to the next level in real life too, after it was reported they were engaged on Sunday.