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“Every industry is new, things happen as companies are young, and this is about opportunity going forward.”Lumosity definitely hyped its products, and used an aggressive advertising campaign similar to what you’d see for a regular, non-”brain training” game or consumer electronics product. He is one of a group of scientists who signed an open letter saying Lumosity made exaggerated claims in 2014.

It’s important to note, however, that Gazzaley serves on the board of a neuroscience gaming company called Akili that works in the same sphere as Lumosity.

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Japanese regulators later penalized Citigroup for trying to rig Libor and the Japanese benchmark, and Citigroup remains under investigation by the U. The sources reveal, among other things, that he was sometimes encouraged by superiors to pursue an envelope-pushing trading strategy. As he neared the end of his college math and computer-programming studies, a parade of banks flew him first-class to their offices for interviews. His specialty became trading the financial instruments called derivatives, many tied to Libor.

The goal of some at the bank was to enable Hayes to manipulate that rate, said people familiar with the decision. The UBS Japanese unit where Hayes worked pleaded guilty to U. In a text message to The Wall Street Journal, he said: “This goes much much higher than me.” See full story at

Hayes soon morphed from coveted asset to liability. Jennifer Arcuri, a friend of Hayes’s, said he is cooperating with British authorities and pointing the finger at former superiors. “He had no idea this was going to come back at him.” Trying to rig Libor “was common industry practice,” she said.

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