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Make sure you check out Reasonable Discussions, the A. ” —Doug Benson and Tig Notaro, Doug Loves Movies Conversations With Matt Dwyer Every week, comedian Matt Dwyer sits down with regular folks to talk to them about what they do; the only criterion he uses to select guests is that they fascinate him.

Ferris , Dan Fitchette , Aaron Frank , Marcus Gilmer , Scott Gordon , Colin Griffith , Genevieve Koski , Kevin Mc Farland , Steven Moore , Nathan Rabin , Kyle Ryan , Oliver Sava , Maggie Serota , Dan Telfer , Scott Tobias , Christian Williams , and Claire Zulkey Hey, you like podcasts? QUOTES OF THE WEEK “‘Man, when she goes to sleep, she goes to sleeeeep.’ If she had a mic, she would have [dropped it].” —Greg Behrendt shares how his daughter handled the death of the family dog, Walking The Room “By the way, all movies are essentially based on old Brady Bunch episodes.” —Tom Hanks, Nerdist “It’s better to have a government that trickles down on to you than one that urinates straight into your face.” —Andy Zaltzman, The Bugle “There hasn’t been a Steve Jobs of baldness.” —Graham Clark, Stop Podcasting Yourself “Doug loves boobies…” “Is that why I’m here?

While Dwyer’s attempts to inject comedy can sometimes feel awkward, in the end, his meandering, freewheeling style makes for interviews that are oftentimes as unexpected as they are interesting.

For example, in episode #5, butcher Melissa Cortina offers a fascinating look at gender roles at her butcher shop and engages in a thoughtful dialogue on food and ethical, sustainable consumption, issues she is clearly passionate about.

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