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Which devil they call Deumo (Deva)and God they call Tamerami (Thampuran, ‘Lord’) .

And the King of Calicut keeps this Deumo in his chapel in his palace, in this wise: hischapel is two paces wide in each of the four sides, and three paces high,with a wooden door covered with devils carved in relief.

For example Italian traveler Ludovico di Varthema (early 15-16th century) calls the Gods worshiped by Zamorin kings of Calicut as devils: ” The King of Calicut is a Pagan, and worship; the devil in the manneryou shall hear.

They acknowledge that there is a God who has createdthe heaven and the earth and all the world; and they say that if he wishedto judge you and me, a third and a fourth, he would have no pleasure inbeing Lord; but that he has sent this his spirit, that is the devil, into thisworld to do justice: and to him who does good he does good, and to himwho does evil he does evil.

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They come from different family backgrounds—Sarah from a broken home, with her separated parents (Aishwarya and Suresh Gopi), Sridevi, from a happy, close-knit family, with her parents (Sukanya and Prem Prakash) doting on her, and Pooja, a day scholar living near the school with her mother (Seetha), whom the trio depend on, when they have problem between themselves.

But on other issues, they believe in solving the problems by themselves.