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Certain Indonesian people-groups probably have higher divorce rates and some have lower.

Sundanese might be more likely to divorce in their lives than Batak, for example.

In 2003, scientists made a startling find in a remote cave on the Indonesian island of Flores: The skull and skeleton of an adult female hominin, a group consisting of modern humans and extinct human species, who stood only about a meter tall.

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Western women cook, too, but an Indonesian woman will likely see that as a special responsibility of her own. (Tumeric leaves are the hard-to-come-by ingredient.) Other Indonesian expat wives can some really good food, too, though few of them cook nearly as well as she does. Whether she is actually submissive or not depends on personality and how you interact in your relationship.

There really is only one main tourist and expat nightlife area in Jakarta where there are freelancers and it is not very good.

You will definitely find hotter girls at the sex clubs, and the freelancers will charge to much.

Many guys fly to Southeast Asia for vacations but they mostly hit up the same places.

Thailand and the Philippines are the main two, but they definitely are not the only ones.