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I know why the legal system is how it is, but in reality, my experience is that it is faulty.“With my case it was as if a train had started running and it had to go through all the various stages, it wouldn’t stop.No one is willing to put the brakes on it, regardless of whether they should or not.“It will just keep going until finally you just get to the stage when you wonder why you are there.”He was first arrested over the allegations of rape, by the 27-year-old woman - who had been a friend - in April this year.The complainant had alleged Traviss twice raped her at his central London flat after getting drunk together on December 30 last year.Leaving court he hit out at the authorities for not stopping "the train" of a very weak prosecution and said he hoped to fall in love again after losing the Back to Black singer in July last year.The boyfriend of the late Amy Winehouse spoke of his hell today after being cleared of raping a woman who slept in his bed.Reg Traviss, 35, was acquitted by a jury at Southwark Crown Court after less than three hours deliberation.

"Everybody who knew me and knew Amy knew the depth of our love.

Reg was left devastated when girlfriend Amy was found dead at her Camden home in July 2011, with the pair even having talked about marriage.

co-star James Corden, who married fiancee Julia Carey last month.

The verdict came after CCTV footage showed her walking freely and unaided with Mr Traviss to get in a taxi to his flat - despite her telling investigators she was so drunk she could not stand up.

Afterwards, the film director went to his parents’ pub, Inn 1888 in Devonshire Street, to celebrate with friends.