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Used early on it had two straight chest pockets and exposed buttons on all closures.

This shirt was supposed to be worn tucked into the trousers.

Western Front, Germany The US First Army begins its drive to the Rhine River, spearheaded by the VII Corps.

Pacific, Philippines A Regiment of the US 41 World War II, 1945 Western Front, Germany The US First and Ninth Armies launch Operation Grenade, the crossing of the Roer River, and head to the Rhine.

The US Marines now have to turn north to clear the rest of the island.

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It has two chest bellows pockets and two lower bellows pockets.The Medora Musical will anchor its favorite parts, add new twists, a great cast and a new host.”Because the gospel section of the Medora Musical has been a crowd favorite throughout the years, the decision was made to have a separate show that celebrates gospel music.“That was the birth of a brand-new show called Medora Gospel Brunch,” Fisk said.The show will be held in downtown Medora at the Chuckwagon.“We’re going to have an all-star cast and a new host at this year’s Medora Musical.“We always celebrate Harold Schafer and the spirit of the west.We will continue to include favorite parts of the Medora musical history.There are three standard patterns1st Pattern: Manufactured from Poplin it had exposed buttons on angled pockets, jacket closure, shoulder loops, gas flap and side adjustment tabs.We are continually striving to produce and procure the most authentic, detailed and high quality products available for sale.I hope that you will find some useful information here. The Jungle Uniform based on the WW2 Para uniform, was a rare example of Army and Marine clothing that combined functional practicality with comfort and attractive design.Preceded by a barrage from over 1000 guns, four infantry divisions cross the river in the face of sporadic resistance.German reserves have been committed to half Operation Veritable farther north.