Resource out of date try updating subversion

That is why it is suggested to commit changes to central repository as soon as possible.Well, this rule is a best practice regardless of the version control system you use to reduce conflicts between commits of different developers.One of the large benefits of Git over Subversion is possibility to commit when you don’t have internet connection.Another one is availablility of commit history when there is no internet connection as well.

Recently we've had some projects that were in branches, had been merged back on to the trunk and gone through our QA and testing processes.

): You should now have a nice, tidy, up to date SVN repository.

All of these merge issues and the lengthy steps undertaken to get the house in order again raises the question what do we do next?

Do a full update of your working copy or of the directory containing all your modified items and try to commit after.

If it still does not help and the error persists, follow the directions of my colleague Costin.