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Brief encounter: Russell wore a brief pair of tight swimming trunks for a jet ski ride with the 22-year-old Brand recently signed a £1.8 million two book deal with Harper Collins, with the first book due out for Christmas.He told The Sun: “The new book's philosophy, yes, but more Clarkson than Kierkegaard.But it appears lothario Russell Brand may have finally been tamed, by his latest co-star Teresa Palmer.The TV/radio presenter, 33, went public with the Australian actress on the red carpet at the O2 Silver Clef Awards in London earlier today.Palmer also can be seen alongside Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, in Rod Hardy's December Boys, and in the role of Topher Grace's romantic interest in Kids in America.She appeared in the 2010 Nic Cage vehicle The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and in 2011, played number 6 in I Am Number Four, and appeared in the bomb Take Me Home Tonight.

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Smitten: Russell Brand puts on a public display of affection with his new love They star opposite Adam Sandler and Keri Russell in the romantic comedy about a hotel handyman whose life in transformed when the bedtime stories he tells his nieces and nephews come true.

Couples outing: Russell Brand and Teresa Palmer pose with Noel Gallagher and his partner Sara Mac Donald Brand has been spending an increasingly amount of time in Hollywood since his recent forays into films with roles in St Trinians and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. actor Adam Brody, and split from her retired Australian Football League player boyfriend Stuart Dew in March 2007.

The actress previously starred in 2007 film with Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, who she shared a steamy love scene with, and horror film The Grudge 2.

I want to be a good person, I want to be a good mum, I want to authentically be who I am and my looks are my looks, that's just my body.'As long as I'm being healthy and taking care of myself, I really have no interest in trying to change or morphing the way I look, it just is who I am so I'm going to embrace that.'The actress reveled that when she first moved to Hollywood, just before turning 21, that said she felt lonely, empty and afraid. by cultivating her spirituality and self love after years of living in a shell of herself.'I was thrust into an industry which places an emphasis on the physical attributes of a person and I was not ready for that and it didn't feel right,' she said.

After a traumatic break up in 2011, she realised that she need to fill the emptiness in her life through meditation and developing her spirituality.