Tivo schedule not updating

Before we go any further, let's have a look at some of the offers available for new Virgin customers: There are two options for those thinking of going down the Tivo route: the 500GB box which comes as standard with all Virgin Media TV packages, or the new V6 box with a 1TB drive.

The V6 box has replaced the old "better" Tivo box, which also had 1TB of storage - but it offers far more than extra space for recordings.

“What to Watch Now” combines real-time viewing data, recommendations and personal preferences to create a custom dashboard presenting the exact content you want most every time you sit down to watch TV.

This feature allows you to categorize by content that is on TV now, starting within the next 30 minutes, or on later tonight.

By setting a Series Link for a particular programme Virgin Media’s Ti Vo box will not only record the entire series but will also find all of the related episodes available on demand and on platforms such as Netflix.

All of these episodes will be put into one handy folder (My Shows) ready to watch whenever.• Fewer lists, less text, more images – On demand programmes will now appear as image-based tiles and subtle changes such as changing channel names to channel logos help to improve the functionality and access to the best programmes.• Continue Watching – for years Virgin Media customers have been able to continue where they left off on their recordings.

Chief Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media, David Bouchier said: "This update gives our box an even more intuitive intelligence while, crucially, retaining many of the familiar features we know our customers love."Series Link takes the convenience of finding and saving series to the next level by breaking down the divisions between traditional TV and on demand programming.

Series Link will be available to all of our Ti Vo households, simplifying TV and bringing people closer to the TV they love."This is yet another example of the work we’re doing upgrading Virgin TV, so keep your eyes peeled for more later this year."• Smart Search – found in on demand and catch up menus right at the top, it requires only the first letter of the programme title and the box does the rest to find the shows you love• Series Link – this is all about bringing programmes together, no matter where they sit.

But it's no longer an additional charge; it's included in the prices they quote for their TV packages, from standalone deals to their readymade Big Bundles.

Ti Vo Roamio Plus and Ti Vo Roamio Pro users can seamlessly stream live or recorded programming to their i OS devices from anywhere there is a Wi Fi signal.

Download recordings while at home or away via Wi Fi or cellular to watch when you have no connection.

Support for Australian subscribers appears to be via email from the US.

On the Whirlpool forum, users were despairing that they could not record shows (including those who had purchased a lifetime subscription) and were fearing they had been abandoned:“Is the Ti Vo support becoming bad lately?