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But then as you see in the Anvil movie, artists being interviewed about Anvil and giving their honest opinions and coming out [saying] with we used to play their albums.

I know that Lars Ulrich [Metallica] had gone into Johnny Z‘s office with a copy of and said “That’s who we want to produce our album with” and Johnny Z said “No.” He said “It would be too expensive.” I was like what no one asked me?

He fashioned the latter himself, by melting plastic liquid-soap bottles into a ball and then using a soldering iron to make holes into this ball, putting his fingers in while the plastic was still soft enough to be shaped.

He then trimmed and sanded away the excess plastic to leave himself with two Iommi had played in several blues/rock bands, the earliest of which was The Rockin' Chevrolets between 19.

The house, in Lapworth, Warwickshire, originally went on sale in September last year, priced at £3million, but after several months on the market Iommi has been forced to slash the asking price by £350,000 in the hopes of a quick sale.

; born 19 February 1948) is an English guitarist, songwriter and producer.

He is best known as the lead guitarist and one of the four founding members of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath, and has been the band's sole continual member and primary composer for nearly five decades.

In the song “Painkiller” where Rob Halford is singing ‘Pain, Pain, Killer, Killer’ getting all intense, the production note to Rob was, ‘Can you sound like a Dalek from the . He said we should sound more like Pantera and I would say they are trying to sound more like you. They listen to some new fresh band and they want be them. Be yourself.” The Metal Voice‘s interview with Chris Tsangarides: Chris Tsangarides interview, he shared his thoughts on producing such classic albums as Anvil’s Metal on Metal, Judas Priest Painkiller, Thin Lizzy’s Renegade and Canadian Tragically Hip’s Fully Completely.

In 2011, he published his autobiography, entitled Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath. I sat in the hospital with my hand in this bag and I thought 'that's it – I'm finished.

After completing school, Iommi worked briefly as a plumber and later in a factory manufacturing rings. But eventually I thought 'I'm not going to accept that.

After just two gigs (the last of which was at the Banklands Youth Club in Workington), Phillips and Clarke were dismissed from the band, which soon after shortened its name to Polka Tulk. ") was recruited to perform as the vocalist for two gigs (Halford also sang at one of the dates on the 2004 Ozzfest tour, when Ozzy couldn't perform due to bronchitis).

The show concluded with Ozzy bringing out the other members of the original Black Sabbath line-up (following the end of Osbourne's solo set) for a 4-song on to record 2 further albums with another of their previous vocalists Tony Martin before the original line-up reunited as a touring band in 1997 (although Bill Ward was not present for the first two reunion tours, the second being due to a heart attack.