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For example, if a financial institution offers both banking services and lines of credit, then the .

CREDITCARD domain is a great way to separate these products.

Credit card companies and banks can use this domain extension to provide much needed information.

HARD WORKING PEOPLE OR PEOPLE TRYING TO GET EMPLOYED! I contacted yahoo and took actions also I give that person a piece of my mind before blocking them . Raymond Randy: The company would like to issue out the check for your working materials to you and you will be receiving it this week I hope that won't be an issue ?

Let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. The guy or girl I was talking to, scammed people to where they take people account numbers ,yahoo contacts , social security numbers and wipe out everything in their account and take their identities ! Be careful who you talk to and do your rescearch before you become a victim. NEVER GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT UNLESS YOUR INFORNT OF THE EMPLOYER AND ITS LEGIT!

You are required to use (FIVE) minutes alishawilliams10: Welcome To Adaptec Company. alishawilliams10: Next would be the briefing about the Job and the company. Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. While holding this conversation with this scammer , I called the company because I found it a bit odd that the interview was on a yahoo messager with a personal username . they had told me I was the 50th person who called today and this scammer been doing this for months now putting their companies name in the dirt.

“About one in four of our kids has some tie to a gang in that way,” Goldblatt Grace said.

And the men buying sex, she’s been told by survivors, are mostly upper-middle class white family men from the suburbs.“It is a multibillion-dollar industry,” Goldblatt Grace said.