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Generell bieten Smartphones und Apps älteren Menschen immer mehr Möglichkeiten.

Wir helfen Senioren nicht nur die Angst vor der digitalen Welt zu nehmen und befreien so von jeglichen Hemmungen, sondern ermöglichen Silver Surfern ein standortunabhängiges Netzwerk unter Gleichgesinnen aufzubauen.

It is incredible to me that such a natural activity, which I am sure the vast majority of men engage in form time to time if not every day (as I usually do), should have been proscribed or regarded as a...

Some of these instances being the mutiny of their armed forces along with separatist movements and inter-tribal conflicts, all of which threatened to destroy the newly independent country.

After Congo gained independence from Belgium there was political unrest and conflict in the Republic of the Congo, under the presidency of Joseph Kasa-Vubu. With Belgium’s “…loss of the Congo, the former Belgian colony that became independent on 30 June 1960.

Ive been holding off for four days now and any time anything touches my **** it gets so hard...embarrassing around friends. My bet is that it'll end up spurting by its self For a few weeks I had a desire to try wearing women’s underwear.

So about a week ago me and a nice older woman I know went to start my collection. I find public toilets in the shopping centers, they're always clean.