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You just don't need everything to come from one manufacturer.

Parts of Health Box will be sold on their own later on: the band, the heart strap and the scale. A package like this is hard to rate -- I'd rather revisit each part separately and rate those against the alternatives.

From her searches of potential suitors, she’s uncovered men who are married and other dirty laundry, but her own reason for keeping her name under wraps is much more mundane.

“I love my job, but I hate talking about it in a social setting.

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And whenever a man knows what I do, and the fact that my clientele includes VIP athletes, that’s all he wants to discuss.” Charlupski goes only by her first name for the first few dates, and isn’t shy about telling men she’s not comfortable sharing any additional information if they dig for more.

“I give the bare minimum for as long as possible,” she says.

Rachel Charlupski stared at her phone in disbelief, blinking at the message she’d just received from an attractive man she’d met on an online dating app. I’m sure you’re super busy with work and you sound really successful. ” it read, as the man continued to cite specifics about the 31-year-old Chelsea resident’s career — including her recent mention in a Forbes article — making it clear that he had Googled his potential match.

Charlupski blocked the man and made a resolution: From that moment on, she would make it a point to obscure her full name and her profession from men on the first few dates. I do it, so I know [guys do] it,” says Charlupski, who runs a baby-sitting service for high-end clients.